Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hey Conquista-fans!

Alright, so I updated you not long ago on the forays we're doing into the social media world... You may recll that we have:

A Twitter account for you to follow, @CulinaryFTW

A Facebook page through which you can become a fan of this blog. Check out "The Culinary Conquistadors"

An email address to field all of your comments and questions,

To further our outreach efforts, I'm listing the blog on as well. We are doing our best to expand our reach and broaden our content. Great sites like Dessert Stalking, Food Gawker, and Taste Spotting ought to help.

There! One more way that we're trying to get the word out. Look at it this way; the bigger out audience, the more likely we'll work on saying something interesting and innovative!

Here's to a brighter, tastier tomorrow.

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