Friday, February 26, 2010

Sirs, I think you need a second opinion.

Fellow conquistadors! Friends! Guy who carries the cooking gear through the foodie jungle! Yes, you too, Mom!

I have an exciting announcement. The Culinary Conquistador crew is to be expanded! No, I don't mean a special guest star (though we'll surely have more of those): Pat Deering, one of our most... colorful friends (cool it folks, not that sort of colorful)... Has come up with a, in my opinion, sweet idea. He wants to take the Conquistador recipes and actually test them out!


Hang onto your lab coats boys and girls, Deering plans not only to see if our recipes can be reproduced, but to check their edibilty himself. He will be creating the same dishes we've featured in the past according to our instructions and will be sharing them with new people in new places. He is clearly putting these carefully controlled variables in place for the good of all, helping to investigate whether our concoctions are legit. It's definitely not because he's on a college campus and has spare time on his hands and lots of mooching friends. Definitely not.

Whatever the case, we're excited for a few reasons. First, more authors means more content. Deering is a funny guy with the ability to add a wacky twist on everyday life, so it'll be fun. Additionally, Deering is a good cook. If you go back to the Summer 09 archives, he was a guest once or twice. He has worked in nice restaurants, knows a lot more about cooking than we do, and is full of insightful tricks. Finally, we're excited because we'll learn along the way and will remain motivated to stay on top of the blog as well.

All around, this should be fun. This weekend Matty and I will be making goulash; who's to say what Deering will do? Stay tuned!


  1. In edition, budget permitting, I hope to be making recommendations as to beer and wine pairings for each creation I replicate in my kitchen.

  2. That too! I felt like I was missing something there...