About the Conquistadors

The quickest way to explain who we are is to put it this way: we're not really "anyone". At least not anyone overly famous, important, or highly-paid.

If you read our blog title, "Culinary Conquistadors" and scanned our page for the two seconds it should take to realize that we talk almost exclusively about food, this fact might surprise you. We see why it might be misleading. Hopefully during the aforementioned two-second homepage scan, however, you'd glean another information gem: "Two brothers with little cooking experience."

We aren't professionals, we're Average Joe's with a desire to learn and lend insight on how challenging certain recipes really are. We like to think our exploits are amusing, if not educational. Hopefully a bit of the latter as well. We'll leave that up to you.

The next logical question might be, "Why?" Well, for that we'll direct you here: The Glorious Formation of the Culinary Conquistadors. Nearly a year later, we're still at it. God willing, we'll have the gumption to keep it up.

We're always open to suggestions, feedback, and, well, just about any commentary. Stop by, let us know what you think. We'll be here.

We're the Culinary Conquistadors.