Saturday, April 24, 2010

A brief update before something signifcantly more interesting.

Good afternoon, or morning, or whatever... the Indians are playing in Oakland today so I'll be sensitive to you folks from the West Coast.

So, you may have noted that the activity on the blog picked up earlier this month then proceeded to drop off as usual, not surprisingly. I admit that I could have been working a bit harder to conjure some culinary creations during this period. My cohorts (yes, you may not recall them as it has been SO LONG since they posted much) have been of little help. To be fair, they've been busy. Both starring in plays, Deering performed a ridiculous number of shows at Wittenberg U. last week and Matty had three appearances as Cpt. Hook in the high school's Peter Pan presentation. These beleaguered thespians have had their minds on just about anything but cooking, I imagine, though Deering may not have a choice as he works in a fancy restaurant.

Regardless, you, Internet-world, haven't seen nor heard much from any of us. If you follow our tweets, that may be an exception... we've stayed pretty up-to-date on those (see the left hand column if you're too lazy to make your way to Twitter or pick up your snazzy mobile device which probably has a Twitter app as well); follow us if you haven't already.

Martha Stewart, we realized last week, is following @CulinaryFTW on Twitter... she follows 6,000 some folks out of the 2,000,000 or so that follow her, so we felt pretty honored. Twitter is really a great place to meet other folks interested in cooking, foodie matters, dining, etc. I've learned a bit and I know that certain tweeps have benefited from some of our tweets as well. Trendy though it may be, its useful. Get on it if you haven't yet.

Anyhow, between the plays and my work schedule (food around here is generally cooked by the time I get home... not that I'm complaining), we haven't had much of a chance to tackle stuff. Hopefully that'll be changing as school is winding down for the other two Conquistadors, potential guest stars will be coming back into town, and I'll be motivated to do more cooking and less social media work around this endeavor. Who knows? We may even get out the camera and start the long rumored internet show. Only time will tell...

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