Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Buffalo were Harmed in the Creation of this Buffalo Chicken Dip

There's a well-known saying about opinions, and how common and pointless they are.  Whoever coined that saying never met me, because my opinions are like gold.  That said, it is my opinion that we needed to post something simple and relatively reproducible.* Thus, with the help of Luke's amazingly experienced girlfriend (see "My Hands Were Thai'd" entry from July), we have a brand new tasty dish for everyone: good ol' homestyle Buffalo Chicken Dip.

*It should be noted that we usually screw up something somehow in just about every recipe we attempt, so take "reproducible" with a grain of salt. Or pepper.

Our Ingredients:
 Note: the specific brands and amounts that we used will be in parentheses. Feel free to try different things; this is meant to be the kind of thing you can just make using stuff you have.

  • Buffalo Wing Sauce (Moore's)
  • Bleu cheese or ranch (we used bleu)
  • 1 and a half blocks of original cream cheese (Philly) the more of this you use, the gooier it will be.
  • 2 big ol' cans of chicken (two 12.5 oz cans, Tyson)
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese - a few handfuls
  • Hot sauce (Frank's) a few splashes. Obviously this will make it spicier.

1. Preheat that there oven to 350°.
2. Mix the chicken, buffalo sauce, and dressing in a bowl.  Shred the chicken with a fork til it's nice and shreddy. I gave no exact amounts for the buffalo sauce and the dressing because there is no exact measurement; look at how much chicken you have, and judge based on that.  More buffalo sauce will make it hotter and zestier, more dressing will cool it down.  I definitely added about half the bottle of buffalo sauce, and that was way too much... Erin said something like "I like it to be most of the buffalo sauce, and blah blah blah..." and I assumed she meant most of the bottle.  I'm pretty sure there's also a saying about assuming... oh well.
3. Add shredded cheese; enough to make it unliquidy. Again, this isn't exact.
4. Take your cream cheese and spread it across the bottom of a baking dish evenly.  Ours was 12x8 or something like that.
5. Pour your chicken/sauce mixture on top of the cream cheese.
6. Top the whole thing with more shredded mozzarella.
7. You can splash a bit of Frank's on top for even more spice; we put Frank's on half of it to test it both ways.
8. Stick 'er in the oven and check after about 10 minutes.  It should be bubbling a bit when it's done; use your judgment.
9. Devour greedily with tortilla chips!

Experiment with this, you guys!  It's tasty, zesty, and a nice break from all that difficult Austrian stuff.  In short, it's good American eats.  I definitely added about twice as much buffalo sauce as we needed, but it was still quite edible (just very very zesty. I like that word.)  It's pretty difficult to mess this recipe up; there's really nothing that can ruin it.  Just decide what proportions you want your deliciousness to be in.

That's all for now, folks... we've been trying to figure out how to somehow create an entry for our AWARD-WINNING chili, but it might be difficult seeing as we really didn't write down the stuff that we put in there.  It was a lot of stuff.  Different stuff.  Like, we don't even remember a lot of the stuff we put in there... but with any luck, Captain Candy's Catastrophic Chili (a Culinary Conquistador Creation) will be on the horizon soon enough.  Until then, good luck gettin' yo' buffalo on!

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