Sunday, January 31, 2010

A New Found Motivation!

Friends! Followers! People that feel obligated to view this page because we are related!

We, the Conquistadors, have discovered new found motivation!

We don't know where it came from either.

We've created a Twitter account, @CulinaryFTW for any tweeps that feel like following us there! We intend to tweet pretty regularly with regard to interesting recipes, sneak peeks at upcoming dishes, and culinary advice that we find along the way.

We've also created a Facebook page (look us up, become a fan!) and an email address as well. Feel free to contact us there with any questions or comments unrelated to a specific post: . Also feel free to send us a direct message or @CulinaryFTW on Twitter - we'll be checking both!

Anyhow, the Culinary Conquistadors are now more interactive than ever, so feel free to get in touch, give us a suggestion, comment on what you've seen... maybe even stand in as a guest star!

Another initiative we are undertaking is to start creating more videos. We'll still take pictures, but with a brand spankin' new copy of PowerDirector8 and a Flip HD camera readily available, we feel that we can take the experience further. We'll be sensitive to the time issue and try not to ramble!

Who knows? Maybe someday we'll host a chat, Twebinar, or live internet show along the way. For today, we're motivated. We've already bought the materials for our next undertaking... its that bad. Whatever's gotten into us, hopefully it doesn't fade. Stay tuned for more updates!

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