Thursday, July 23, 2009

What we've been up to: The Conquistadillas

They've done it again!! The Culinary Conquistadors come through with a fantastic, never-before-seen recipe! ~Acclaimed Author

A Triumph! What class! I cannot recommend this creation highly enough! ~Overpaid Analyst

They should be in EVERY major city! ~Random guy #3 from The Boondock Saints


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we've created another masterpiece; and yes, we are expecting you to overlook the fact that it was made in a Quesadilla-Maker. It may look like an ordinary quesadilla...

But there's a secret ingredient.

And the secret ingredient... is love.

So basically, we had a lot of tortillas... We actually still have about 2/3 of them left over, so we just might make these again. Anyways, we possess lots of tortillas, a pound of ground beef, and many packets of taco seasoning. I also just happen to have a convenient quesadilla-maker, so, I realize that this recipe is of little use to most people out there (though quesadillas can be made in a skillet easily enough - melt some butter* in a skillet on medium heat, flop in a tortilla, add your fillings, then place another on top... flip when a side gets brown). I'm just letting you know what we've been up to; it's not quite as exotic as the usual, but by no means are we slacking!

*or other buttery substance

La Stuff:

-Tortillas (we used burrito-sized)
- Beef (1/2 a pound makes about 3-4 quesadillas)
Note: Chicken is probably optimal, though chunkier. We were chicken-less.
- Cheese (shredded, lots. What's a quesadilla with no queso?)
- Tomatoes, diced (we used multiple kinds, green yellow and red, like what Luke used in his sandwich)
- Sour cream
- Jalapeno sauce (that green sauce from Chipotlé)
- Cayenne pepper sauce
- Salsa

La Process:

- Put your ground beef in a pan and brown it, until it is... brown.
- Put first tortilla on the quesadilla-maker. Put on cheese, beef (or chicken), and whatever else you will be adding. We used everything in the "Optional" column, but don't be afraid to add more.
- Put on the top tortilla and close the lid. Note that you shouldn't put on too much stuff or it will leak; cheese will probably ooze out the sides no matter what, so have a paper towel to clean it between quesadillas.
- Use your spidey-senses to detect when it is done; or just lift up the cover and you will be able to tell. Repeat according to hunger.

All in All:

They were delish. We made a total of three, each better than the last as we gained experience. We also found a packet of microwave Mexican rice, which actually made it a meal. The Conquistadillas are highly recommended, and feel free to experiment if you have the ability. We realize that very few people have quesadilla-makers, but we thought we would let you all know what we've been doing.


  1. Its a little more labor intensive, but with a nonstick pan and some good wrist flipping action, you can make decent quesadillas on a stovetop. Of course, you'll need some practice first, or you're kitchen will look like Cortez invaded using nothing but Tobasco suace and melted cheese, basically how my kitchen always looks.

  2. In a legend from a long time ago, it was said that there is a Mexican Village living in my stomach, they approve of this contribution.

    The real story is from freshman year when my sister said that my rice crispy treat was so big that it could feed a small mexican village, and i replied that i was feeding the one in my stomach with it, and so the joke/legend came about.
    that being said, the village is pleased with this post haha :)